Zilenzio AB Press Release Regarding 2017 IWEC Award

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Winner of 2017 IWEC Award.

We are really happy and grateful to announce that Marie Lindqvist Pahlstad, Founder & CEO and Jenny Helldén, Founder & CFO at Zilenzio AB will receive the 2017 IWEC Award during the organization’s 10th annual conference, to be held in Redmond, Washington next November. The conference, titled ‘Connecting Women Businesses Globally:  Accelerating Growth Through Innovation & Technology’ is sponsored by Microsoft, who is also hosting the event at their global headquarters in Washington State on November 12-14, 2017.  This year’s conference has a strong focus on technology, cybersecurity and innovation, issues that are pivotal to IWEC’s sophisticated global network of women-owned businesses, whose combined revenue exceeds US$25 billion per year.

Chamber Trade Sweden is thrilled to nominate Marie Lindqvist Pahlstad and Jenny Helldén for their trailblazing work.  ZilenZio offers you peace of mind in the form of sound-absorbing furniture and design for the work-place. Our vision is a balanced acoustic environment for every workplace. The material we use as insulation in our products is an environmentally friendly natural material, that has the same sound absorption qualities as snow. The wood we use comes mainly from the Swedish forests north of our factories in Örebro. Every ZilenZio panel represents a small piece of Scandinavian nature. Starting the company 10 years ago, Marie Lindqvist-Pahlstad and Jenny Helldén are today well established within the industry, known for running a professional and caring company with world class products. “We sell sound-absorbing functionality with an edge, and no one can beat us”. says Marie who is the CEO of ZilenZio.

They are a great to bring into the IWEC network of awardees, and role models for women’s business development efforts in Sweden.  We are further honoured to be an active part of IWEC, and to participate in this year’s conference and celebrate IWEC’s 10th anniversary, a milestone for global women’s entrepreneurship,” stated Charlotte Kalin, CEO of The Chamber Trade Sweden.

You can read more about the awards here.
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